For this procedure, we again be using a video is from Brownells, Inc.  which clearly outlines the procedure for reassembling the SKS bolt.  Brownnesll, Inc. YouTube channel can be found Here, and the video I will be specifically referencing can be found Here.

  1. Locate the stock ferrule (where he is pointing).  This is where you will start when aligning the stock with the barrel assembly.

2.   Attach the SKS Stock to the Barrel Assembly – With the receiver and barrel assembly upside down (sites are resting on the table, or supported on blocks), align the stock with the barrel assembly, starting from the stock ferrule.

3.  Attaching the SKS Magazine to the Stock -Insert the magazine with the thinner section pointing forward.  To ensure that the magazine sits properly, keep the magazine slightly open, and be sure to lead with the hinge of the magazine when inserting into the rifle.  Depending on the condition of your rifle, you may need to apply a little pressure to have the magazine sit properly.  However, there will be no “click” or latching sound since the magazine will sit on the barrel assembly.

4.  Attaching the SKS Trigger Assembly to the Stock – Insert the trigger assembly into the stock by leading with the front of the trigger assembly, and being sure that the pin recesses properly into the magazine assembly.  (The trigger assembly is what holds the magazine to the stock).  You will need to have the magazine cover open, and depending on the condition of your rifle, you may need to wiggle the magazine, trigger, and barrel assembly to get the trigger to sit properly with the magazine.

5.  Attaching the SKS Trigger Assembly to the Stock – Be sure the trigger assembly is set to safe.  (If you fail to set the trigger assembly to safe, the assembly will not re-attach to the rifle.  The safety needs to be flipped up, and not inline with the trigger).  With the safety on, apply pressure on the trigger assembly, until you hear a “snap” or “click” sound.  Depending on the condition of your rifle, you may need to apply significant pressure to the assembly to get it to seat properly.  In some cases, a rubber mallet can be used.  However, be sure that the trigger assembly is properly aligned with the magazine and the stock, AND THE SAFETY IS ON before you apply any significant pressure or use a rubber mallet.  Failure to ensure properly alignment, or that the safety is on, could damage your rifle if too much pressure is applied.

6.  Close the SKS magazine

7.  Insert the SKS cleaning Rod into the Stock – Flip the rile over, and re-insert the cleaning rod back into the stock.  Note, if you have a bayonet, you will need to extend the bayonet 90 degrees.  Ensure the cleaning rod is put through both the bayonet holder as well as into the stock. If you have a bayonet, rotate and lock the bayonet back into its holder once the cleaning rod has been installed.

8.  Re-assemble the SKS Piston Extension – To install the piston extension, turn over the rifle, and rotate the piston retaining latch (on the right had side of the sight assembly) until it is pointing up.  Take the piston extension and insert it into the holder, starting with the spring.  You will need to apply constant pressure to push the piston into its housing, and hold it far enough in that you can rotate the retaining latch and lock the piston into place.

9.  Re-Attach the SKS Gas Piston – Take the gas cylinder and insert the piston (small end first) until it is completely through the gas cylinder.  Align the front of the gas cylinder with the opening at the mid point of the barrel, between the end of the stock and the front sites.  Then, align the back of the gas cylinder with the front of the rear sight assembly and gently push down.  You may need to slightly rotate the piston retaining latch to get the gas piston to seat properly.

10.  Once the gas cylinder has been properly seated, rotate the retaining latch back and down until it is set into its locked position.

Note – The next 4 steps are for reassembling the bolt, if your bolt is already assembled, proceed to step 15.

11.  Re-Attach the SKS Extractor Spring to the Extractor – Insert the extractor spring back into the extractor.

12.  Re-attach the SKS Extractor to the Bolt – Insert the extractor in to the bolt by seating the extractor spring into the back of the extractor holder.  Be sure to apply pressure on the extractor and set it inline with the bolt.  Depending on the quality of the extractor spring, this may require a fair amount of pressure to get it push back far enough to allow the extractor to seat properly in the bolt.

13.  Insert the SKS Firing Pin into the Bolt – Slide the firing pin into the bolt.  The firing pin will only fit one way through the bolt properly, but to verify it is inserted correctly, check if you can see the firing pin sticking out of the front and back of the bolt.  If you only see the firing pin sticking out one side of the bolt, the firing pin is inserted backwards.  Also, when inserting the firing pin, be sure to keep the side of the firing pin that has a “dimple” or raised bump, pointing up.

14.  Re-install the SKS Bolt Retainer Pin – Once the firing pin is properly installed, insert the retainer pin into the bolt.  The retainer pin will only fit one way though the bolt, and may require the use of a hammer or mallet to push the pin through.  If you are having difficulty re-inserting the retainer pin, verify that the firing pin is properly aligned before using a hammer or mallet.

15.  Re-assemble the Bolt and Bolt Carrier – With the bolt assembled, align the bolt with the carrier, and insert the two pieces into the back of the rear of the receiver.  You will need to apply a bit of pressure down on the bolt and carrier, then slide the carrier forward.  You will either need to open the magazine, or apply pressure to the magazine follower inside the receiver to allow the bolt carrier to slide forward.

16.  Re-Install the SKS Recoil Spring – Insert the recoil spring into the rear of the carrier.  Be sure to insert the open end first (the part of the spring that is wavy) into the carrier, with the straight spring section towards the back of the rifle.

17.  Attach the SKS Bolt Spring Cover – To install the receiver cover, pull out the take-down lever and ensure it is out of the way.  Put the receiver cover on the rear of the receiver.  You will need to apply a bit of pressure against the bolt spring to get the receiver cover to align and sit properly.  Once the receiver cover is properly aligned, push the take-down lever through the receiver cover, and rotate the lever forward into its locked position.

18.  At this point, your rifle is now assembled.  Before use, be sure to complete a basic function test by opening the bolt, opening the magazine, checking the safety and verifying that you hear a “click” when you dry fire the weapon.

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