Procedure for cleaning a Glock 22 Pistol

For this procedure, we will be using video clips from a very well done Glock 22 Breakdown video created by the Mrgunsngear Channel on YouTube which can be found here.  The Mrgunsngear Channel has a large variety of videos covering topics from how to properly hold/use various firearms, to equipment and gun reviews.  If you have time or are looking to learn something new, I highly recommend his videos.

For ease of following this procedure, I have outlined the step by step instructions, and accompanied each step with a .gif from the video linked above.

Note, this procedure assumes that you have already broken down your Glock 22 to its “field stripped” state.

  1.  Cleaning the Glock 22 Slide – Starting with the slide, point the end of the slide down at an angle, and using either solvent (or CLP), spray the upper and lower portion of the inside of the slide.

2.  Cleaning the Glock 22 Slide – Using a brush, gently work the solvent around the inside of the slide, being sure to keep the front of the slide pointed down.  While spreading the solvent around, focus on the breach face (where the extractor is located), where the upper assembly slides along the grip assembly, and the front of the slide where the barrel sticks out.

3.  Cleaning the Glock 22 Barrel – Set the slide aside and let the solvent continue to breakup any buildup.  Next, take the barrel and spray solvent around the locking lugs and spread the solvent around the entire barrel.

4.  Cleaning the Glock 22 Barrel – Brush all around the barrel while focusing on the locking lugs and the back of the barrel.

5.  Cleaning the Glock 22 Recoil Spring – Set aside the barrel and let the solvent continue to work.  Next, take your spring, and spread solvent around the entire spring assembly.  You can spray solvent right on the spring, or use a rag (or hands) to spread the solvent around.  If the spring looks particularly dirty, use a brush to work the solvent into the spring assembly.

6.  Cleaning the Glock 22 Frame – Set the spring aside and let the solvent continue to work.  Next, take your frame and spray the top and bottom of the inside of the frame.  Be sure to keep the front of the frame pointing down, to help keep any loose debris from getting into the inner workings of the trigger assembly.

7.  Cleaning the Glock 22 Frame – Work a brush around the inside of the frame and spread the solvent into the many nooks and small corners.  Also, be sure to clean and brush on the outside rails.

8.  Wiping Down the Glock 22 Barrel – With the major components of the pistol cleaned with solvent and brushed, next, each component needs to be wiped down to remove any debris and excess solvent.  Starting with the barrel, take a dry, clean cloth and start wiping all around the barrel.

9.  Wiping Down the Glock 22 Slide  Next, take the slide and begin wiping the inside down with a clean cloth.  It may be useful to use a polymer rod to help push the cloth into the various corners of the slide.

10.  Wiping Down the Glock 22 Slide  While still working with the slide, be sure to clean the breach face and the extractor hook located the opening of the top of the slide.

11.  Wiping Down the Glock 22 Barrel  Next, using a small piece of cloth or a cleaning wipe, apply a few drops of solvent and push the cloth through the barrel.  Depending on how dirty your barrel is, you may need to repeat this process several times.  After the barrel has been thoroughly cleaned using solvent coated cloths, push through several dry cloths to ensure the barrel is clean and dry.  If you want to use a bore brush, feel free to do so.

12.  Wiping Down the Glock 22 Frame  Finally, take your frame and wipe down the inside using a clean dry cloth.   It may be useful to use a polymer rod to help push the cloth into the various corners of the frame.  Be sure to clean up any excess solvent or debris.

At this point, your Glock 22 should be cleaned.  Before you begin lubrication, verify that all excess solvent has been wiped away.

Next Step:  Glock 22 Lubrication Procedure

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