Procedure for reassembling a Glock 22 Pistol

For this procedure, we will be using video clips from a very well done Glock 22 Breakdown video created by the Mrgunsngear Channel on YouTube which can be found here.  The Mrgunsngear Channel has a large variety of videos covering topics from how to properly hold/use various firearms, to equipment and gun reviews.  If you have time or are looking to learn something new, I highly recommend his videos.

For ease of following this procedure, I have outlined the step by step instructions, and accompanied each step with a .gif from the video linked above.

  1.  Re-assembling the Glock 22 Slide – Insert the barrel back into the slide, with the grooved part pointed facing down.

2.  Re-assembling the Glock 22 Slide – Insert the recoil spring into front of the slide, and have the “half moon” cutout is properly resting against the barrel.

3.  Re-assembling the Glock 22 Frame – Take the slide, and starting from the front of the frame, line up the frame and slide rails.  Pull the slide back onto the frame.

4.  With the slide back on the frame, pull back on the slide and work the slide back and forth the spread the lubrication around the inside of the pistol.

5.  Preform a basic functions test.  After pulling back the slide, pull and hold the trigger (after pointing the weapon in a safe direction) and listen for the “click” of the hammer.  Then, while still holding the trigger, pull back on the slide, and slowly let up on the trigger.  While letting up on the trigger, you should hear another “click”.  At this point, if you were able to hear both “clicks”, then your pistol reassembly is complete.

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