Procedure for breaking down a Glock 22 Pistol

For this procedure, we will be using video clips from a very well done Glock 22 Breakdown video created by the Mrgunsngear Channel on YouTube which can be found here.  The Mrgunsngear Channel has a large variety of videos covering topics from how to properly hold/use various firearms, to equipment and gun reviews.  If you have time or are looking to learn something new, I highly recommend his videos.

For ease of following this procedure, I have outlined the step by step instructions, and accompanied each step with a .gif from the video linked above.

  1.  Verify that the weapon is unloaded by removing the magazine and pulling back the slide to verify that there are no rounds in the chamber.  Once you have verified that the weapon is unloaded, point the weapon in a safe direction, and pull the trigger.

2.  Removing the Glock 22 Slide – Grasp the grip and the slide with one hand, and slightly pull the slide back, but not far enough to re-engage the trigger.  Then, with your other hand, grasp the two slide locks release which are just above the trigger, and pull/hold them both down.  Once the slide lock release are pulled down, push the slide (upper barrel assembly) forward toward the front of the pistol.  The slide should detach from the grip.  If the slide does not release, verify that the trigger is still pulled back (and not reset), and that both slide releases are being held down.

3.  Removing the Glock 22 Recoil Spring – With the slide removed, grab the recoil spring starting from the back, and lift up.  The recoil spring should pop out without much effort.

4.  Removing the Glock 22 Barrel – Finally, remove the barrel from the slide.

At this point, your Glock 22 is now “field stripped” and ready to be cleaned and lubricated.  The average Glock owner should not need to breakdown the pistol any further then what has been outlined above.  While the pistol can be disassembled into its base parts, it is generally suggested that only a trained gunsmith should breakdown the pistol any further.

Next Step:  Glock 22 – Cleaning Procedure

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