Procedure for lubricating a Glock 22 Pistol

For this procedure, we will be using video clips from a very well done Glock 22 Breakdown video created by the Mrgunsngear Channel on YouTube which can be found here.  The Mrgunsngear Channel has a large variety of videos covering topics from how to properly hold/use various firearms, to equipment and gun reviews.  If you have time or are looking to learn something new, I highly recommend his videos.

For ease of following this procedure, I have outlined the step by step instructions, and accompanied each step with a .gif from the video linked above.

Note, this procedure assumes that you have already broken down your Glock 22 to its “field stripped” state, and has been properly cleaned.

Before we begin, a Glock 22 requires only minimal oil to be properly lubricated.  Over lubrication, or lubrication in the wrong part of the pistol can actually cause the firearm to not function properly.  It is suggested that you only use as much lubrication as needed.

  1.  Lubricating the Glock 22 Slide – First, apply one drop of lubrication to the top, of the inside of the slide, above where the barrel would rest.

2.  Lubricating the Glock 22 Slide – Next, apply one drop of lubrication to each side of the inside rails (where he is pointing) on the back part of the slide.

3.  Lubricating the Glock 22 Frame – Apply a single drop of oil on top of the connector (where the frame hooks to the slide).  If you have a hard time seeing the connector, see the second gif below.  This one drop of oil will work its way down into the trigger assembly, and that is all the lubrication the trigger assembly requires.  Do not put any more the one drop of oil on the connector.

4.  Lubricating the Glock 22 Barrel – Take the barrel and apply one drop of lubrication to the bottom and top at the rear section of the barrel, where it connects with the slide and the frame.  Also, apply one drop to the barrel its self.  Spread the lubrication around the entire barrel.  If your barrel is showing any signs of scratches, or wear, be sure to apply extra lubrication to the damaged areas.

Your Glock 22 is now properly lubricated and ready to be re-assembled.

Next Step:  Glock 22 Reassembly Procedure

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